Amazing mountains in SriLankan

Why i’am starting with this picture? In Srilanka comprising thousand of mountain ranges in middle of the country. those mountains indicates the country ancient pride of the Sri Lankan ancestors .You can see the picture if you can drive to the top of that mountain you will feel the sense of real Srilanka 
I really need to highlight the fact of our ancestors have built a great prosperous environment on this land and they protect  that by shedding their blood for the future generation and further more that’s why we can see those mountain with cool and full of mist covering the top ,kind of a environment and they handover the responsibility to us .Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel then you can see these places with locations and all so please subscribe us and join with our Facebook page.our You tube channel .Our Facebook 

Let’s start the real story with the right side picture.these mist have a massive speed and it is blowing as kissing the top most endemic trees that only growing here only.some times with the sunlight we can see far beyond mountain and so on not only that we need clear sky as blue with no cloud .but this time it has some small droplet of rain a from place to place and that is led to form mist with some high cool condition .you can see around spending here few days and now you will get a  problem with staying near these mountain and inspect endemic species plant and tree.To have a bath in cool river water .all those things are really possible around here .see the following picture

These are the cottages that you will feel you are in the real adventure  mode in the middle of  massive mountains.if you are willing to go hike is really superb idea with this climate no sweating no tired .but one thing you can see only some far distance in February to June but in after that you will have the dry season no rain least mist highest sun light falling least cloud and blue sky make you make you more tired .but you can capture an amazing scenarios in to your camera .when iam taking with this cottage totally budget price no need of hesitations lot of tourists arriving here and feel the sense here leave their foot print take the potential of the environment to their soul and make a one more beautiful memory to their brain. that’s what travelers looking .we found lots of travelers like that and we wish them do your best to travel all over the world .time is so quickly there’s no time .hurry up.

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