Coconut tree hill ,a magical plase to visit

Coconut tree hill  ,Believe me this  is a heaven you must travel ,unfortunately this time our traveling experiences have been taken away from us by the COVID 19 .but don t worry  this travel sense blog gives you the real travel experience stay home and watch us on Youtube and Facebook ”just type travel sense keep in tauch with thoseLink to our Facebook official pageLink to our you tube channel

Taking about this magical place is a small covered by well grown coconut as you can see ,but the best part of it if you are on the top of that mountain you can see far beyond the see with horizon and believe me you won’t   come down if you are at the can reach thousand of miles to the sea through the coconut stem believe me you won’t wake up from that dream.It’s heaven when we are walking along the gravel carpet and behind small rocks make you feel 90’s  better than 20’s  .
definitely i need to mention of this wive the right side shore see below picture

If you are wiling to choose your meal plan and night stay plan choose ”petti” the restaurant by the shore gives you this feeling the evening you can see the fishermen like in the picture. why .. do you need to go small ride with them .LOL i m pretty sure you can arrange them for that no need any hesitations.
who ever persons from all over the world you can have any meal plane in here .I’ts not just a meal it will fulfill hungry of your eyes.see far beyond the sea,you can fine your relaxation in thousand miles away.

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