You can see an oak tree ,can you guess where the place exactly? .this is not in Switzerland or Europe this is Srilanka .the biggest grassland of the country  in  nuwara eliya district .this extraordinary place is called “hortonplains” tis picture showing a beautiful way that is lead to horton plains national park which are comprising endemic plants and animal ,because of that tis area is highly reserved and protected as it should be.The green metres that lay down the mountain and so on endlessly make every person comfortable  and feel free to generate calm thought about his or her  life when you are start step along that road ,believe me you will feel extreme cool wind that blowing through these trees and that wind take you where you want to go in this heaven because you will feel no tired with that cool weather condition you can walk up to the horton plains national park it self and definitely you will not bother with these sun light.

The best part is you can see these places on my you tube channel and also the location .don’t forget to subscribe Our youtube channel.Our facebook

I can’t wait more to show you the heaven of a cloud forest you can see the picture on your right.and can you feel how much of sun light falling in the summer time ?In this dry season we can expect highest sun light fall in the picture also without cloud,blue sky show that .I’m really loving traveling in dry season like summer .because under the rain you can do any photography and do you think in dry time how  can   this kind of picture be taken ,absolutely not possible with the misty rain condition you can go out your equipment will definitely get damage.Then make sure to plan your trip in the summer.Well you can walk in this grass land foot ways are nearly 16 km .In the meanwhile of your hike you can take any photograph on animals and plant.and attention is don’t try to touch any thing in here it will led to be punished under the law of protection of national park ordinance.

While your hike you will find the beautiful waterfall ,it’s called “Baker’s fall.see how it flowing in this dry season .it shows the richness of this amazing land ,aha don’t forget to bath. down of waterfall is naturally designed as a basin with no harm you can feel extreme cool water.ha ha.In this refreshment you will be made strong to finish your hike with fulfilling all need you need to complete in this land.water of this water fall can also be drink so don’t forget to fill your water the great hell the name called ‘Worlds end’ is your next destination in this adventure

See the picture below this is your final destination of your adventure .this is adventure can be able to see the infinite.this is a great hell and the this is the highest depth landscape in srilanka.

And finally in need to show you something did i show pictures of any kind of  animals?answers are up to you to find out ,come and see the real nature of the endemic plant and animals.endemic mean you can see those things naturally inhere horton plains sri lanka only .

Ahaa.Can yousee the animals on the left side picture .hmm it is up to you to find who is this animal.come and see and feel the nature ,a real natural nature .and don’t forget to watch our videos thank you.

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